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What People Are Saying

I had an opportunity to attend Alliance South on Thursday, May 22nd, 2014 in College Park, Georgia. For those who were unable to attend, you missed an exceptional opportunity. The Matchmaking Sessions were powerful with each organization representative eager to help, support and guide. Exhibit booths served as additional resources outside of the Matchmaking Sessions. The morning breakout sessions were 'second to none', with each diverse speaker, sharing his or her story on how they were able to successfully break through countless racial, economic and cultural barriers. Attendees walked away engaged, enlightened and empowered. The staff was friendly, helpful and professional. I look forward to attending the next event!

- Tracy Marshall, Business Development Manager, Softpath System, LLC

Partnership and Advertising Opportunities

Alliance Procurement Fairs provide the opportunity to showcase your company to a specifically targeted audience. We offer a variety of Partnership options that include showcasing in all events or in individual events. These options are not set in stone. We welcome your creativity and input so that we can tailor a custom package that meets your unique needs. Let us help you accomplish your goals.

Alliance Partnership will help you to reach YOUR specific business goals:

  • Enhance your company image -- Looking for ways to make your company look great! Partnering events can shape buying attitudes and help generate a positive image.

  • Increase Sales -- Showcase your product and provide an incentive for taking advantage of a coupon. This is your audience… make sure they know what you are selling!

  • Stand out from your competitors -- The mere act of Partnering an event, especially an exclusive Partnership, is a significant way to create competitor differentiation. Your company name has the opportunity to stand out head and shoulders above the competition. Partnership allows smaller companies to compete with their industry giants.

  • Grow your "Corporate Citizen" image -- Be seen supporting small business and contributing to their economic development – and take the opportunity to “Roar!!”.

Platinum/Alliance Title Partner – $30,000 – includes all “Alliance Procurement Fairs”  within a year  Benefits for a 12 month period beginning at time of signing agreement.

• The event will be marketed as “ShoWorks and Your Company bring you Alliance Small Business Procurement Fairs.”
• Two exhibit booths are provided in each Alliance event (includes electricity).
• Advertising Banner on Alliance Website Home Page ( with link.
• Present a Scholarship Certificate to two small business of your choice at each event.
• Full page ad in each event e-Guide.
• Company representative may make 2 minute comments during Opening Remarks or Lunch.
• One focused e-mail direct marketing campaign targeting sponsor's sub-contracting requirements - for two Alliance events of your choice.
• Company Logo on Partnership banners for each event.
• Company Logo on Partner web page for each event.
• Company Logo and contact person in the e-Guide of each event.
• Invite 4 additional guests to EACH Alliance lunch (plus the 4 lunch tickets with the booths).
• Bag Inserts: Promote your company by including your printed gifts or materials in the registration bags for each event.
• Be in the Spotlight by showing a five minute video produced by you at each opening ceremony OR
• A company representative can present a workshop on a pertinent procurement topic

Gold Partner -- $5,000
• Two exhibit booths in the event (includes electricity).
• Company Banner/logo on Alliance Event Website home page.
• Company Logo on the Alliance Event Website Partnership page.
• Company Logo and contact person in the e-Guide.
• Full Page Advertisement in the e-Guide.
• Be listed as a "GOLD Partner " on all event signage.
• Company logo in all newspaper advertising for the event.
• Promote your company by including your printed gifts and materials in the registration bags at the event.
• "Certificate of Partnership" presented to company representative during Opening Remarks.
• Two minute welcome by company representative during Opening Remarks.
• 3 additional lunch tickets (plus the 4 included with the double booth).

Silver Partner -- $3500

• One exhibit booth in the event.
• Company Banner or logo on Alliance event website.
• Company Name and Logo on Alliance event website "Partner" page.
• Company Name and Contact person listed in the e-Guide.
• Half Page Advertisement in the e-Guide.
• Listed as "Partner" on all event signage.
• Scholarship certificate for one small business of your choice to Alliance event.
• "Certificate of Partnership" presented to company representative at Opening Remarks.

Bronze Partner -- $1500
• One exhibit booth in the event.
• Company Name and Logo on Alliance event "Partner" website page.
• Company Name and Contact person listed in the e-Guide.
• Half Page Advertisement in the e-Guide.
• Listed as "Partner" on all event signage.
• Introduced during "Opening Remarks" as Supporting Partner.

Supporting Partner -- $500

• Company name and logo on Partner signage.
• e-GUIDE logo
• Company logo on "Participant" page
• Quarter Page Advertisement in the e-GUIDE.

Meal Partner -- Breakfast $1500, Lunch $3000
• Company name and logo on signage on all breakfast tables.
• Company name and description (same as an exhibitor) in the Exhibitor Directory.
• Placement of company literature on each meal function table.
• 5 minute presentation during Opening Remarks.
• One complimentary exhibit booth.

Afternoon Break Partner -- $1000
• Introduction as "Partner" at that event.
• One Quarter page ad in e-GUIDE
• Company logo on special signage at each table.
• Logo on Break and Door Prize Drawing signage.
• Moderate the Door Prize Drawings!

Show Bag Partner -- $1000 (woven) $2500 (canvas)

• Company logo on plastic or canvas literature bags distributed at the event.
• One Business Card ad in the e-Guide.
• Recognition during Opening Remarks.

Badge Partner -- $1000 – You always see a badge turned around. Let this be an opportunity to brand your company.

  • Full Color Company logo and web address or message on BACK of all badges

  • Custom Lanyards - for an additional fee we can customize lanyards with your company name or logo

 For the Partnership levels above, please call ShoWorks Inc. at 509-838-8755 to discuss.

Advertising options below can be added to your on-line registration.


Bag Inserts - $500
• Insert your company’s promotional materials into the show bags distributed to all participants.

Logo Link - $65

• Your logo and link to your website replaces your name on the "Participant" page of the event website.

e-Guide Logo - $65

• Every participating company has a blank cell under their name in the e-Guide. Add your logo here.

Logo Package- $100
• Includes the Logo Link and e-GUIDE logo listed above.

E-Guide Ads - $225-525

• Quarter Page Vertical: 2.25""wide x 7.75"" high, Horizontal: 4.75""wide x 4"" high" - $225

• Half Page Vertical: 4.75" wide x 7.75" high, Horizontal: 10" wide x 4" high - $350

• Full Page 7.25" wide x 7.75" high - $525


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